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Michigan 2-1-1 Overview

Michigan 2-1-1 Overview

2-1-1 provides easy access to information about community services.  With data on providers, callers, community needs and unmet needs, 2-1-1 is a social barometer with real-time information to inform planning and policy development to ensure limited public and private resources are deployed efficiently and effectively. Michigan 2-1-1 is part of a national initiative that is available to 92% of the U.S. population in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico, making over 18.3 million referrals in 2012.

Michigan 2‐1‐1 Quick Facts

  • Eight regional 2‐1‐1 Call Centers manage Michigan’s most up‐to‐date, comprehensive health and human service database listing of 8,550 agencies offering almost 75,000 services in over 180 languages.
  • Provided over 487,000 phone-based referrals in 2012. Adding web-based searches, email, chat and text, the Michigan 2-1-1 system handled over 580,000 contacts in 2012.
  • Over 99% of Michigan’s population has 2‐1‐1 access and online searchable resource databases are available statewide.  Funding is secured to extend access to 100% of Michigan residents.

What’s Next

  • Migrating to a shared call management routing platform connecting the eight centers on a single system to route, monitor and track call patterns. 
  • Connect call data with referral data for more granular analysis of user needs and usage patterns.
  • Launching a new MI211 website in Spring 2014

Michigan 2-1-1 Caller Needs – 2012

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