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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles of Michigan 2-1-1
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The mission of Michigan 2-1-1 is to connect people with information and resources to build healthy, safe communities.

Our vision is clear – Michigan 2-1-1 builds stronger communities, day-to-day and in times of emergency by:

  • Promoting self-reliance in reaching community resources;
  • Fostering civic engagement; and,
  • Providing real-time information on health and human service needs, met and unmet, in the community.

Our guiding principles call for our work to be:

  • Standards based.  Reliable, accurate and consistent community resource information to deliver high quality information and referral.
  • Efficient and cost effective.  Coordinated statewide system that is a universal access point for multiple needs reducing duplication while increasing access to community resources.
  • Client Centered.  Providing the highest quality information and referral services in a confidential, person-centered manner.
  • Accessible.  24/7/365, at no cost to the individual, using available technology to respond in ways that respect special needs and cultural differences.
  • Supported.  Government, business, nonprofit organizations and local communities play important roles as active partners in sustaining and evolving  2-1-1.
  • Community-based.  Information collected, analyzed and updated on a timely basis in partnership with the communities we serve.
  • Accountable.  Accurate data that identifies health and human service needs and effective solutions for healthy individuals and safe communities.