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Who Does 2-1-1 Serve?

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Michigan Residents

Through its eight regional partners, 2-1-1 provides easy access to community services that offer help and hope to residents across Michigan.  Looking to volunteer your time and talents?  2-1-1 is a great resource for finding out where to volunteer in your community.  Michigan 2-1-1 also serves out-of-state callers that require service information for friends or relatives who live in Michigan.

Federal, State and Local Governments

2-1-1 helps identify emerging issues, trends and service gaps in caller needs and shares that information and analysis with service providers.  2-1-1 supports government agencies by informing the public about available services and pre-screening callers for program eligibility.

What’s more, 2-1-1 offers essential help supporting local government efforts in times of emergencies and disasters.

  • During the ice storm of Winter 2014, 2-1-1 offers thousands of callers information about utility help, warming centers and related needs. 
  • Partnering with the state Department of Community Health, 2-1-1 served as the primary place to turn for information on avoiding infections and referrals for flu shots.

 Community and Faith-Based Nonprofits

2-1-1 helps identify community needs and gaps in services that help community groups refine their offerings.  2-1-1 streamlines access to services by reducing time spent with applicants that do not qualify. This saves time and resources for nonprofits and applicants.

For-Profit Corporations

Businesses benefit from community-based services that provide financial assistance with utility bills, house payments or health needs, allowing their customers to avoid termination of crucial services.  2-1-1 provides links to these services.  By increasing efficient access to community resources to help low-income residents pay bills, 2-1-1 helps reduce lost revenue to corporations.  It also helps small businesses provide cost-effective “employee assistance programs.”

Employment and Educational Services

2-1-1 partners with many job training and early childhood educational programs and helps pre-screen applicants to these programs. This helps create a better-prepared and more-focused workforce, which are critical in a changing Michigan economy.  It also helps families connect with education programs that help young children prepare for kindergarten.