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Child Support & Child Custody

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If you owe child support you should contact your local Friend of the Court within the first 2-weeks after your release. 

If you had a child and the child is in someone else’s care, you may be responsible to support the child financially. Michigan's child support services are delivered through the Department of Human Services' Office of Child Support, county Prosecuting Attorney offices, county Friend of the Court offices and the State Court Administrative Office.

An incarcerated payer’s support obligation might be modified if a motion to modify support is filed. That motion may be filed by either party or the Friend of the Court office. The Friend of the Court must review an order within 14 days of learning of a payer’s incarceration for a term of more than one year or release from incarceration.

To find your local FOC go here: or search for “county name friend of the court.”

For more information on Child Support / Custody issues see:

       Child Support Tips:

  • A Support Order tells you how much child support must be paid each month. If you have to pay child support, you are still responsible for that amount the whole time you are in prison. In fact, the total amount you owe keeps increasing unless payments are being made on your case.
  • If you are incarcerated, check with your worker. You may be eligible for a modification of your order.
  • Notify the DHS Office of Child Support anytime your address, phone number or employment changes.
  • If you are the one that is owed child support, contact the DHS Office of Child Support to see what you can do to start collecting again once you are released.
  • Do not make payments directly to the custodial parent. That will not count. You will still owe that money.
  • Pay the amount you owe each month. If you are having trouble paying this amount, contact the DHS Office of Child Support right away. You might be able to get your payment changed through a Support Order Modification if you qualify.
  • If you are more than one month behind in child support, your driver’s license may be suspended.

Support Order Modification

In some cases, you may qualify to get your Support Order modified (changed) while you are in prison or right after you get out, so that the amount you have to pay each month is less. This process takes several months.

Modification does not help with what you already owe. Your new payment amount would not start until the month after the entire modification review process is completed. Even with a new Support Order payment, you will still have to pay off the past due child support that you owe.