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My Child is Out of Control

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Parenting Helplines Programs that operate a telephone counseling and information line that parents can call when they have childhood development questions, need advice regarding a specific parenting problem or need a referral for parenting resources.

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Runaway Prevention Programs Programs that attempt to reduce the number of children who run away from home through a variety of educational interventions which may focus on troubled children and youth, parents, professionals who work with children and families, law enforcement personnel and/or the community at large. The programs may provide information that will help people understand the difference between a runaway child and a missing child, the motivations of a runaway, the types of problems that increase the risk of a runaway (e.g., child abuse, divorce, alcohol or drug use, oppositional or defiant behavior, antisocial peer groups), warning signs of a potential runaway, communication tips and other steps a parent can take to prevent a child from running away, and community resource options for troubled children and youth and their families.

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Runaway/Homeless Youth Counseling Programs provide emotional support, information and guidance for children and teenagers who have run away from home and for the entire family, if appropriate, with the goal of identifying and resolving the problems that led the young person to leave home,  and/or programs that help  young people make a workable plan for his or her immediate future.

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Runaway/Homeless Youth Hotlines  provide immediate assistance for children and youth who have run away from  been pushed out of their homes or who are acting out and at risk of abuse. The goal is to keep the youth's safety, provide information their youth's rights and alternatives, and referrals for shelter, medical care, ongoing counseling or group support and other related services. Also included are programs that maintain a message relay system which allows runaways to contact their parents or other concerned individuals and receive messages from them. Hotline staff are generally available via the telephone, email, live chat and/or instant message (IM).

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Runaway/Homeless Youth Shelters provide temporary emergency shelter for children and youth who have run away from or have been pushed out of their homes or who are acting out and at risk for abuse pending return to their own families or suitable alternative placement. Shelters usually provide  individual, group and family counseling and  services related to runaways including referral to appropriate resources.

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