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Preparing for Disaster

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Red Cross Disaster Service Centers opened by trained Red Cross volunteers to assist people who have sustained damage in a major disaster or  large-scale emergency that disrupts the normal functioning of a community.  Disaster victims meet with caseworkers who assess their needs and supply clothing, rent assistance, beds and bedding, necessary furniture, cooking and eating utensils, occupational supplies, prescription medication, small appliances and other necessities.

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Community Disaster Education Programs, activities and materials provided by organizations like the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that educate the public and help individuals and families prepare in advance for a major disaster or large-scale emergency that disrupts the normal functioning of a community.  Community disaster education provides general planning and safety information for a variety of risks including fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves and winter storms; and delineates concrete steps that people can take to inform themselves of the disasters most likely to occur in their area, develop and practice a disaster plan, purchase emergency supplies, secure their property and be ready to work as a team with family members and neighbors when an incident occurs.

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Disaster Preparedness Information Programs that increase public awareness of the measures that people can take before, during and after a major disaster or wide-scale emergency to reduce loss of life and property and improve their chances for survival. Included are programs that inspect the homes of individual residents and give them a report which suggests ways to enhance their safety and reduce the risk of property damage or loss, as well as those that deal with disaster preparedness in a more general way. Also included are programs that provide fact sheets, hazard maps and other types of technical information about natural disasters that individuals and communities can review and evaluate to see if their area is at risk.

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