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Food Stamps

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Food Stamps – also called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) – is a federal program that provides an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card similar to a bank debit card which can be used in most grocery stores to purchase food.   The amount of the monthly benefit depends on income and household size.  It usually takes about 30 days after filling out an application before benefits are available.  In an emergency, people who meet income limits and certain other requirements can receive benefits within seven days.

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MI Bridges

Applying for benefits online is easy and it saves time. Why travel across town to wait in line when you can apply for benefits online?

MI Bridges is a 24/7, secure web portal for clients and community partners to access Department of Human Services programs including food assistance (FAP), State Emergency Relief (SER) for energy and non-energy related needs, Medical Assistance (Medicaid), Child Development Care (CDC), and Cash Assistance.


Food Vouchers are programs give food coupons which can be used in designated grocery stores and/or farmers markets for food.   Requirements for food vouchers vary from agency to agency, but usually have income or other limitations.  Vouchers are typically provided to low income individuals and families on an occasional or ongoing basis, and are usually available faster than SNAP/food stamps so they can help bridge the gap between applying for food stamps and receiving a food stamp benefit.

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