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Housing & Homelessness

- Rental Assistance - Eviction Prevention - Mortgage/Foreclosure - Temporary Shelter - Finding Housing - Furnishings/Household Goods - Homeless Services
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Eviction Prevention / Rent Payment

Programs that provide assistance for people are being evicted or need rent payment assistance

Finding Housing

Programs that help people find housing - Listings - Search Assistance - Rental Housing - Sweat Equity Programs

Furnishings & Household Goods

Programs that provide furniture for people who need it

Homeless Services

Services that support people that are homeless

Housing Expense Assistance

Services that help with housing expenses

Mortgage & Foreclosure Assistance

Programs that help with mortgage and foreclosure

Temporary Shelter

Facilities that are opened to shelter homeless individuals and families

Home Weatherization

Programs that provide free home energy conservation services to low-income homeowners and renters