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Phone and Mail

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If you do not have a permanent address to use for mail there are services that can receive mail and hold it for you. If you are in need of a phone and voicemail there are also services that can provide you with a free phone if you are eligible and the terms of your parole allow you to have a cell phone

What do I need to know?

Mailing Address

The address where you have your mail sent to is called your mailing address.  Most people use the address where they live as their mailing address.   If you do not have a permanent address or think you may be moving a lot, you should establish one place to pick up your mail. Options include:

Checking with the shelter, halfway house, transitional housing or other residential facility where you are living to see if they will allow for your mail to be sent there. This is often a free service, but usually requires that you check regularly for mail.

A post office box (P.O. Box) is a locked box located in a commercial building where your mail is delivered. A key to open the box will be given to you. Only you will have a key. There is a monthly fee to rent the PO Box. Look online or in the phone book under mail box rental.


Depending on your income you may be eligible for a free or discounted cell phone through a program called “Lifeline”. Lifeline is a supported by the federal funding to provide phone service to low-income individuals. Enrollment is based on federal or state eligibility criteria.

Call the below Carriers to check your eligibility:

Assurance Wireless 800-395-2108 Wireless

Safelink Wireless 800-SAFELINK Wireless

Reachout Wireless 877-870-9444 Wireless


If your parole allows for internet access, there are many free email services available.  One of the most widely used is Gmail, which is provide for no charge by Google. Click HERE to sign up for Gmail.  Most public libraries provide free internet access where you can log on to read your email.  Some shelters and other community programs may also have computers where you can check your email.