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Clothing for release - If you don’t have other clothes you will have to wear your prison clothing when you are released. Once you are out, if you don’t have friends or family to help you with clothing, your best source for an affordable wardrobe will be local used clothing stores. Some social service agencies may be able to provide you with a voucher that will allow you to select a limited number of items from one of these stores at no cost.

Some prisons will allow people to send you clothing to wear upon release. Ask your institution if they will accept and keep a packet of clothing for you to wear when you are going home and what your family or friends will have to do to get the clothing to you.

If you need clothing right after you are released, try the following:

• If you are staying at a homeless shelter or seeking help from an agency that helps ex-offenders, ask them if they can provide you with some clothing. Sometimes they can help if clothing is available.

 • In some communities there are clothing banks that may be able to provide you with clothing shortly after your release.  It is best to call before going, because they may only be open one or two days a week and some may require an appointment.

Work Clothing – Again in many communities there are organizations that provide professional clothing for job interviews and work at no cost to returning citizens. If you are in need of dress clothing for employment purposes you will need to get a voucher from a social service agency to access this resource. Your parole agent may be able to help you with this.

What do I need to know?

Before going to a used clothing store find out when they will be open, if there are limits to the number of items you can select, if they have what you need: shoes, coats, socks, etc., and whether or not they have dressing rooms.