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The first step to accessing VA services is to get your DD-214 discharge papers. 

DD-214 (Military Discharge Papers)

DD-214s are official discharge papers.  This is proof that you were discharged from military service.

If you do not have a certified copy of your DD-214, it is important that you get and keep a copy. You may need a DD-214 to access many services available to veterans.

To get a copy of your DD-214:

Contact the National Archives and Records Administration and ask for form SF-180. You will need to complete the form and send it back by mail or fax. A written request may be sent without the form, but you should phone first to receive more information. You may also initiate your request through the Web site Usually, copies of DD-214s are free.

National Archives and Records Administration:                     Phone: 866-272-6272

National  Personnel Records Center                                         Fax: 314-801-9195

Military Personnel Records

9700 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO 63132-5100


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