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Prison Records

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What is it?

It is important to know what documents the prison should provide you with on release as well as what records you are entitled to have.  Request a copy of your prison MEDICAL RECORDS before you are released.

What do I need to know?


A free, non-replaceable photo ID will be given to you on the day of your release if you have a Social Security number that can be verified by the Social Security Administration. The card will include your birthdate and Social Security number.You can show this card to the Secretary of State as documentation to get a State ID, temporary permit or driver’s license. However, you still have to pay the cost of getting the license, permit or State ID.


If you do not have to be supervised when you are released - called “timing out”, “straight release”  or being “off paper”, then you will receive a document called Expiration of Sentence. It is also known as an Expiration of Stated Term. It proves that you are no longer under the supervision of the Michigan Department of Corrections. Keep this document.

If you have to be supervised, then you will receive a Parole Certificate or a Post Release Control Certificate informing you of who your parole officer is and where you should report. For more information on Parole / Post Release Control.


When you are provided with health or mental health care while in prison, these services are noted on paper. That is your medical record. When you are released the Prison will hold your medical records for 7 years. After this period they will be destroyed.

According to MDOC policy prisoners and parolees may receive copies of documents contained within his/her health record by making a specific, written request to the appropriate health information manager or designee and paying the required per-page fee, as set forth in OP 03.04.108-B "Prisoner Access to Medical Records".  There may be a fee for these records.

If you or anyone on behalf of you requests your medical records you must provide a signed Release of Information (ROI) by mail or fax using a MDOC Medical Release of Information Form. Once you have sent your Release of Information to the MDOC Medical Records Department, they will be sent to you or the Medical Institution you requested within 2 weeks. 

You can request records as many times as you need, but their is a fee for each request you request. Processing the request costs $20.  It costs $1 per page for first 20 pages, for pages 21-50 a fee of .50¢ per a page is applied, and .20¢ per page for any pages printed after the first 50.

Prison Medical Records in the State of Michigan are all processed at the:

Duane L. Waters Hospital

3857 Cooper Street

Jackson, MI 49201-7521

Phone: 517-780-5936

Fax: 517-780-5724 (Address Faxes to: (Attn: Medical Records)

Call or write Duane Waters Hospital in Jackson for a Medical Release of Information Form. The hospital does not have a web site or email contact.