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If you do not have friends or family to pick you up when you are released the MDOC will transport you to the parole office. You will have to talk to your parole agent about transportation options from there.

Many cities and counties have bus systems that provide discount bus passes for low-income or disabled individuals. In addition to the bus, taxi services can provide door-to-door transportation. There are also  services available for low-income or disabled individuals who need door-to-door transportation or transportation to or from a job after “bus hours.”

In most communities you will need some form of ID to get your bus pass. Your prison ID will work. Carry your bus pass in a safe place -- if you lose your pass card before it expires you must buy a new one.

Some service agencies provide bus passes or transporation vouchers to job training programs, health care, and counseling.  If you aren't sure if an agency can help with transportation, ask when you are talking with a caseworker or staff person.  

Click on these links to search for transportation options in your area:

Bus Passes

Transportation Vouchers

Medical/Health Transportation