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HIV/STI Services

Person holding AIDS awareness ribbon in one hand and a condom in the other, promoting HIV/AIDS prevention.

You are not alone. Being sexually healthy means being able to enjoy a healthier body, a satisfying sex life, positive relationships, and peace of mind. There are many tools available to support you.


A medical professional holding a vile of HIV/AIDS medication.

Find out what you should know and access key resources.

Home Visiting

Pregnant women holding her belly in front of door

Everyone who is pregnant or has a little one at home could use some support. Michigan Home Visiting programs are for pregnant people and families with children up to 6 years old.

Breast Cancer in Young Adults

Portrait of a diverse group of young women standing together against a gray wall outside

A diagnosis of cancer is difficult. When you are under the age of 45, cancer brings unique challenges that may not be faced by those who are older. A cancer diagnosis for young adults is life-altering, but support services are available.

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