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What is Michigan 2-1-1?

2-1-1 is a free to use, confidential service that connects people to information, resources, and services whether they need help or want to give help.

Legislative Priorities

The Michigan Legislature has been a long-time supporter of Michigan 2-1-1 and we are grateful for the ongoing commitment to our mission at large – providing essential support to vulnerable populations. Last year, we helped more than 500,000 people across the state find the help they needed. To continue offering vital services, in 2023 we are asking the legislature to:


Allocate a portion of the state’s American Rescue Plan funding to create an endowment that will assist Michigan 2-1-1 with yearly statewide operating costs.


Provide additional financial support to support a Community Information Exchange (CIE) system with capabilities intended to increase services available to Michigan residents.

To get involved or learn more, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Needs By Legislative District

We invite anyone to use this tool by setting a time frame and selecting a legislator’s name. If you are not sure about your legislator’s name, you can use this Michigan House of Representative search tool to locate the representative in your community.

2-1-1 tracks needs expressed through individual contacts and confidentially reports this data to show community needs as well as service impacts. Utilizing the dashboard below, Legislators can see what people in their districts report as “needs” (such as housing or shelter, food, legal services, healthcare, and more) and whether 2-1-1 was able to refer the person to a service or not. If no services were available for a need when a person contacted 2-1-1, it is documented as an “unmet need.” This data empowers Michigan government officials and decision-makers across the state as they engage in community planning efforts.

A mobile-friendly version of this dashboard is planned for future development.