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Helping Service Providers Reach Further & Do More

We’re a resource not only for people in need, but also for the Michigan agencies, service providers and organizations that serve them. If you’re a service provider, use this section to learn more, add programs, and manage program information to help your organization reach further and serve more effectively.

Michigan 2-1-1 Database: A Resource for Service Providers

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Our database holds information on thousands of health and human service programs across Michigan, allowing agencies and providers to find services for their clients, find partners for collaborative projects, identify funding opportunities, and more. Services, locations, and organizations are being added and updated all the time.

Find an Agency’s Resources

To see what resources are listed for your agency, search for resources by agency.

Update Resources

To change your agency’s current information or resources, contact your resource manager. We’ll be in touch with you to complete the process.

Apply to be Added

To apply to be part of Michigan 2-1-1’s statewide resource database, please review the criteria. Then, contact the resource manager in your area.

Contact Your Resource Manager

Resource managers help with things like finding or updating your agency’s information, including resources, hours, contact information and more. Each region has a unique resource manager with knowledge specific to the area – click on your county below to get in touch.

More Resources


We are changing to a new database! Find instructions for verification on the 2-1-1 Resource Database.

Michigan 2-1-1 Marketing Materials

Find brochures and other information to help share the word about Michigan 2-1-1 with your agency and clients.