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About Michigan 2-1-1

Michigan 2-1-1 is a free service that connects Michigan residents with help and answers from thousands of health and human services agencies and resources right in their communities—quickly, easily, and confidentially. What’s more, we use statistical data (not personally identifiable information) from calls and web visits to help shed a light on the nature of social needs in Michigan for government officials and decision-makers across the state.

Seven Regional Contact Centers

Seven regional Contact Centers across Michigan are staffed with trained specialists who provide information, referrals, and advocacy when people in their region need help or have help to offer.

Disaster Relief Center

Our extensive network of emergency response partners, along with our own team of 2-1-1 resource managers, are ready to assist with disaster prevention and recovery efforts in every city, town, and community across the state. Whether it’s winter storms, utility concerns during colder months, the aftermath of severe weather events, or even unforeseen man-made disasters, our experts are dedicated to providing support and solutions.

2-1-1 In Other States

We’re part of a national system of 2-1-1 organizations reaching 94% of the U.S. Every year, 2-1-1 specialists answer millions of calls, texts, web chats, and emails and provide free and confidential help, referrals, and information to people in need across the country. You can search for information for any state’s 2-1-1 at: 


At 2-1-1, we believe access to information and social services are the cornerstone of thriving communities. We are committed to providing a service in which every person in need finds that access in one place.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles call for our work to be:

  • Standards-based 
  • Efficient and cost-effective 
  • Client centered 
  • Accessible 
  • Supported 
  • Community based 
  • Accountable


Become a leading competitor at providing the optimum client experience in accessing community resources and social service support consisting of connecting, navigating, advocating, and disaster response.

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Leadership & Board

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Michigan 2-1-1 benefits from an experienced leadership team and board of directors that actively oversee operations and effectively engage in public policy work on behalf of the organization.


Michigan 2-1-1 is grateful to statewide funding partners that make our work possible, including United Ways of Michigan, Consumers Energy, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Michigan Economic Impact Coalition (MEIC), and Michigan Transportation Connection. Thanks also to additional partners at the local level that support our work in their regions.

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How does 2-1-1 work?

The Federal Communication Commission has designated 2-1-1 for community information and referral services, just as 9-1-1 is set aside for emergency services. 2-1-1 is a comprehensive information and referral (I&R) service that helps you find resources that may be able to assist you with health and human services. 2-1-1 utilizes both bilingual resource specialists and a phone based translation service to offer 2-1-1 information and referral in over 180 languages.

How do I use 2-1-1?

The service is available by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone or by dialing the universal toll-free number at 1-844-875-9211. You can also search for services using our guided search option on this site or conduct your own custom search.

Do I have to pay to use 2-1-1?

No. 2-1-1 is free and confidential to all users. All 2-1-1 staff are professional, trained, and follow national standards of excellence.

What if I have an urgent problem, or am in crisis? Can 2-1-1 help me?

Yes. The 2-1-1 staff are not counselors or therapists, but they are trained to refer crisis calls to appropriate resources such as crisis centers, clinicians, or 9-1-1 rescue services in life-threatening cases. In a life-threatening emergency, always dial 9-1-1 first.

What if I have trouble with dialing 2-1-1?

Businesses will need to set up their phone systems.
Telephone subscribers who have their own Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system or centrex line, common in large organizations such as municipal offices, hospitals, etc. will require the switch for 2-1-1 to be performed by the company’s own staff or through its maintenance agreement. Your phone system administrator or IT person should know if your organization has a PBX or centrex line. 

There are also 10-digit numbers to reach Michigan 2-1-1.
844-875-9211 is the universal toll free number for Michigan 2-1-1. Or, select the 10-digit number for your area from the List of 10-digit numbers by contact centers and area served.

Your phone can’t dial 2-1-1.
Many Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems cannot dial 211. If your phone will not allow you to dial 211, Michigan 2-1-1 can be reached by dialing 1-844-875-9211.

How can I get my agency/program information added to the Michigan 2-1-1 database or update our information?

Visit the Providers page for information and application/update forms.