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About Community Information Exchange (CIE)

2-1-1 helps connect residents across Michigan with up-to-date local community resources that serve members of the public in need. As a part of your Community Information Exchange (CIE), our highly curated database can connect you to more than 27,000 available programs and resources, each supplying vital community support. We’ve developed a robust statewide resource database so that you don’t have to.

Whether it’s housing, food, healthcare, or paying utility bills, our experienced team can help identify a resident’s needs and recommend local or statewide resources that can assist and deliver the necessary services when appropriate – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By leveraging innovative technology and our compassionate staff, 2-1-1 can enhance communities to improve the living circumstances of all Michiganders, no matter the issue.

For more information on the first CIE developed by 2-1-1 San Diego, please visit CIESanDiego.org.

Community Information Exchange Capabilities

  • Actively participate in Michigan’s leading CIE using any existing software platform 
  • Internal access to a highly curated social services resource directory via API 
  • Receive appropriate referrals electronically for services you provide, integrated with your existing workflow 
  • Easily get notified about new referrals to your programs and communicate with existing ones 
  • Real-time updates about referral intervention, reducing duplication and unnecessary efforts

Facts about Michigan 2-1-1

Assisted 500K+ Michiganders in connecting with resources last year

Delivers care in over 180 languages

Curates an up-to-date resource database of over 27,000 programs

Featured Partners

With more than 27,000 partnering programs across the state, Michigan 2-1-1 helps put residents in touch with the right solution at the right time, with partners such as MI Bridges and Kinship Care Resource Center, among many others. 

MI Bridges

MI Bridges is the State of Michigan’s online option for residents to apply for benefits, manage their case, and explore resources including community programs and organizations through a partnership with Michigan 2-1-1. For more information about MI Bridges, visit MIBridges.Michigan.gov.

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Kinship Care Resource Center

The Kinship Care Resource Center serves kinship care families across the state by providing information and referrals to support caregivers and the children they are raising. KCRC also offers support to professionals serving kinship families.

The Kinship Care Resource Center has direct access to the 211 Resource Directory via an API connection to offer an online self-search feature on their website to aid Kinship families in locating up-to-date resources in their community. Additionally, with this resource directory API partnership, Kinship Care Resource Center is able to capture data from their website visitors to identify search trends, commonly searched programs, gaps, etc.

Connect With Us

For more information on how 211 can help strengthen your community, contact [email protected].