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Welcome to Michigan 2-1-1, your dedicated partner in connecting residents across the state with timely local community resources. We understand that life can take unexpected turns, and when disaster strikes, Michigan 2-1-1 is here, ready to assist 24/7, seven days a week.

In a state that experiences a spectrum of disasters, from winter storms to major flooding to public health crises, many Michiganders find themselves grappling with unforeseen challenges, wondering, “What do I do now?” At Michigan 2-1-1, we recognize these uncertainties and stand prepared to navigate them alongside you.

Our extensive network of emergency response partners, along with our own team of 2-1-1 resource managers, are ready to assist with disaster prevention and recovery efforts in every city, town, and community across the state. Whether it’s winter storms, utility concerns during colder months, the aftermath of severe weather events, or even unforeseen man-made disasters, our experts are dedicated to providing support and solutions. The unparalleled strength of our statewide network ensures that help is just a call away.

When facing the uncertainties brought about by disasters, know that Michigan 2-1-1 is more than a helpline—it’s a lifeline, linking you to the right resources to resolve any issue.

Disaster Relief Capabilities

24/7 Information Helpline

Michigan 2-1-1 operates a dedicated hotline where you can access real-time information, updates, and disaster-related resources—all while speaking with a live operator, not an automated system.

Emergency Housing and Shelter Assistance

2-1-1 provides information and assistance in finding temporary housing or shelters for individuals or families displaced by disasters.

Transportation Services

2-1-1 coordinates transportation options for individuals who may be stranded or facing challenges in reaching essential services.

Food and Nutrition Services

2-1-1 helps connect individuals with food banks, distribution centers, or meal programs to ensure access to nutrition during and after a disaster.

Utility Assistance

2-1-1 guides community members to information on resources to help individuals maintain or restore essential utilities such as water, electricity, or gas.

Crisis Counseling

2-1-1 facilitates access to mental health resources and counseling services to support individuals coping with the emotional impact of a disaster.

Medical Assistance

2-1-1 operators offer information on medical facilities, clinics, or mobile health units for those in need of medical attention during a crisis.

Financial Assistance Programs

2-1-1 provides information on financial aid, grants, or assistance programs available to those affected by the disaster.

Legal Assistance

2-1-1 operators also help connect individuals with legal services for issues arising from the disaster, such as insurance claims, housing disputes, or other legal matters.

Recovery Resources

2-1-1 directs community members to long-term recovery programs, rebuilding assistance, and support services to help communities recover and rebuild.

Community Support and Volunteer Opportunities

2-1-1 can also connect you with volunteer efforts and community support services to help those affected by disasters, such as debris removal, rebuilding, or other community projects.

Specialized Assistance for Vulnerable Populations

Tailoring services to address the specific needs of vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, disabled, or those with special medical requirements has always been a priority for Michigan 2-1-1.

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Examples of Michigan 2-1-1’s Disaster Response

2023 Winter Storm Olive

Made 256 referrals, predominantly for sheltering.

2020 Gladwin/Midland Dam Breaks

Addressed over 3,386 calls, logging more than 3,000 cases in Crisis Cleanup for volunteer support.

2019 Covid Pandemic

By Spring of 2023, 272,947 COVID-19 related connections were handled by 2-1-1, amounting to 323,229 service requests and 309,817 referrals.

Cars parked on the side of the street covered in snow during a snow storm.
Person in yellow knee high boots standing in a flooded street where water is up to their calf

2018 Western UP/Houghton Flooding

Responded to 1,475 calls in the first three weeks, and recorded 55 homes for recovery assistance.

2017 Mid-Michigan Flooding

Addressed 1,264 calls, handling 756 claims of damage.

2016 Flint Water Crisis and Recovery

Managed 23,000 emergency support calls and coordinated 12,000 water deliveries for homebound or limited mobility residents.

2014 Southeast Michigan Floods

Navigated 13,555 calls regarding the floods that impacted Southeastern Michigan.

For more information on disaster and emergency preparedness, please visit www.ready.gov. To learn more about how you can support Michigan 2-1-1, including how you can partner with the organization to support those in crisis, please contact Di[email protected].