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Including or Updating Resources

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The goal of Michigan 2-1-1 is to be a resource not just for consumers, but for the agencies that provide services and their supporters. To that end, we offer a streamlined process for applying for inclusion or updating of data in the MI2-1-1 database. 
If your agency's service area only covers a limted area in Michigan 2-1-1; click on the Search Resource Database button and select the appropriate area for your agency from the map. Once on the search page go to the bottom and select the Service Provider Tools button. From here agencies are able to 1) send a request to be in the database, 2) have the log in information for your agency's web update survey sent to you, or 3) go to the link to update a web survey.
If you are a state or national organization  that offers programs that serve Michigan residents and would like to be included in the MI2-1-1 statewide database, please take a moment to review our Inclusion/Exclusion Policy which can be located at If you believe your agency meets MI2-1-1 criteria for inclusion, please download, complete and return the MI2-1-1 Agency Application .   Once all fields are complete, please attach the form and email to A MI2-1-1 representative will be in touch with you shortly.